Gomes: We don’t have choice only wining the match


In the press conference before the match between Baniyas and Al Shabab for the 16th Round of Arabian Gulf League which was attended by the coach Jose Gomes and the player Ali Al Amri in the presence of local media and newspaper, the coach described the needs of the team to the three points in this match.

Gomes began his speech, pointing out that there is no time to talk now we do not want to say that we will work and we will do because the team actually works day after day, and now it’s time to collect points and to compensate the team in the competition in a conflict that claimed the largest possible number of positive results.

And for the status of the team physically coach talked about the continued absence of Mohammed Hussein and Faisal Khouri and the return of Abdulsalam Mohammed to traing with the group in the training session but will not be able to catch a match against Al Shabab with a doubt of the participation of Ahmed Dada who participated in the training session before one week.

And about Al Shabab team Gomes said that Al Shabab team has important players like Lovanor in addition to the players playing with a spirit and can win against any team, and as everyone knows they are strong when they are playing away.

And about the current situation of Al Shabab, Gomes said that this would not make the match easy for us and we are not watching to the status of others teams and only focusing in our team. Gomez continued that the work of the new coach of Al Shabab may does not appear in three days only, but undoubtedly give a boost spirits for his team to make the best out.

And about receiving to many goals the coach said that the players and the defenders are working hard to improve the image and actually there have been frequent mistakes over the past three months and that lead us to find out the mistakes and focus on bypassed them.

The player Ali Al Ameri also attended the press conference, which send a message that the team is determined to change the image and won the points of this match and also to take every match separately and not think about the opponent but think of ourselves and work hard.

And the criticism for defenders of the team Amri said that we do our best to not receive goals and we know difficult phase because Baniyas is now looking for every point available and upcoming matches will be as a final for us that we must work and diligence and sacrifice as match as we can.



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