Gomes: Everything against Baniyas


At the press conference after the match between Baniyas and Al Shabab for the 16th round of Arabian Gulf League, which ended in victory for Al Shabab with score of four goals to two, and which was attended by Baniyas coach Mr. Jose Gomes, who looked as if don’t have any comments to make about the match. He was described as there is no comment on everything that happened today’s match, but the truth is that the team came out of the game zero points.

Gomes explained that he has a contract with the club which respects the administration too much but put his contract or “head” as he mentioned it on the table in order to take the decision that is appropriate for them regarding the future of the coach with the team.

Gomes asked permission from media that he could not talk about the game, but he choose to answer only one question whether lost hope or felt despair of leading Baniyas to safety from relegation, said “I feel that everything is going against Baniyas and this thing did not happen in today’s game only, but accumulations of previous matches and these things beyond his ability because coach puts the right formation and the right players but cannot manage external factors that affect the result of the game in one way or another.