Missing of opportunities lead to lost of Baniyas against Al Jazira


Baniyas hosts league leaders Al Jazira at Baniyas Club stadium today 10th February 2017 for the 18th round of Arabian Gulf League which was, in which the Baniyas made amazing performance against the leaders but unfortunately they could not win and ended up losing three goals to one goal.

The first half was equal opportunities in which Baniyas resorted defense relied on the counter attacks while Al Jazira relied on numerous density precisely from the left side. The first chance of the game came to Al Jazira with a powerful shot over the Brazilian player Leonardo saved by Dida and sends it to a corner kick after 22nd minute, after few minutes later Ezequiel Henty missed a  real chance face to face with Al Jazira goalkeeper Ali Khsif at 32nd minute in which Al Jazira made a counter attack and got a penalty kick made by Baniyas goalkeeper Dida against Al Jazira player Khalfan Mubarak to translate it succufully by Al Mabkout giving the first goal for Al Jazira at the 33rd minutes. Before the end of the first half the referee Fahad Al Kassar called for a second penalty for Al Jazira translated successfully Ali Mabkhout scored second goal for his team to end the first half, with two for Al Jazira nothing for Baniyas.

In the second half, Baniyas coach Mr. Abdul Wahab Abdul Qadir made their first changes the inclusion of Habboush Saleh instead French Harry Novillo. In spite of the delay with two goals against the league leaders, but the Baniyas entered high spirit, hoping to narrow the score with managing most of the second half and just two minutes after the start, Jean Mendy scored the first goal for Baniyas by hit a header to the right of goalkeeper Ali Khsif. After this goal Baniyas dominated the match and created many chances, but was unable to record goals. Of course when they fail to take advantage of opportunities in front of the leaders then your receiving goals and this is what happened where Al Jazira scored the third goal through a free kick by Moroccan Mubarak Bossoufah and that gave them three points that set them in the top of the Arabian Gulf League.


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