Abdul Wahab: We create a real threat for the leaders


At the press Conference after the game that the Baniyas against which was held at Baniyas club Stadium, which ended in victory for Al Jazira with three goals to one goal for Baniyas, the coach, Mr. Abdul Wahab Abdul Qadir spoke about for this hard defeat after his team made a strong game in front of the leaders, but the loss due to losing easy opportunities against the goal.

Abdulwahab began his speech by thanking his players on this strong performance, adding that, unfortunately we were unlucky throughout the game times were the main causes of this loss.

“There is no doubt in front of the leaders, you must be score with the half chances and we had four opportunities to score the fact that we were not successful in exploiting and certainly when you do not score to receive goals and that’s what happened today.” Abdul Wahab Said.

He add “Al Jazira was well diffused in the first half and made of the seriousness of the player Khalfan Mubarak, who caused two penalty, which is what made us finish the first half, late with two goals, but we were able to make the players to come back in the game and scored a goal back and we were close to an equalizer but were just unlucky.”

He explained, “our chances were of tactical sentences where Al Jazira three goals the from penalties and free kick, from our side we formed a major threat to the leaders by creating a real chances to score but the brilliance of the great goalkeeper Ali Khsif and who cause of this victory for his team.”

He stressed that “the three new foreign players of Baniyas lacked fitness which affects the performance of defensive roles and what is causing the problems of the system of the team in general, for this we preferred to make change by Novello and the inclusion of Habboush.

And he ended Abdulwahab “I hope my players to stay away from figures and calculations that put us in a difficult position and to think of every game alone just to not distract the mind and the collapse of morale because there is no impossible in football and everything possible in the remaining matches of the league”.


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