Abdulwahab: Mistakes cost as losing the points


In the press conference after the match of Baniyas against Al Wasl which was ended by hard defeat for Baniyas by 3-4 after performing great performance, the coach Mr. Abdulwahab talk about this match and he began by congratulating Al Wasl for the victory and his players for the amazing performance although the defeat.

He also explained that Al Wasl team have skillful player and they have the priority when they are man to man and and when there is lack of proper coverage at the right time cost you a goal and that’s what exploited by Al Wasl team in scoring four goals as they took advantage of the mistakes that occurred by our team.

He added, “There is no doubt that we tried to get back in the second half through fix bugs and convergence lines and we got many chances opportunity to score and also managed to score three goals, but we have not succeeded in exploiting all opportunities and, as usual, that did not score you will receive and this is what happened in the game Today.

As for the opinion on the referee Abdulwahab preferred not to comment on the performance of the referees and leave it to the experts either had a penalty for Al Wasl or not awarded a penalty for Baniyas to Suhail Al Noubi.

He talked about the absence of Ahmad Haboush the game due to injury as a surprise that the team was planning to play because three players on midfield, but the absence of the player impact on changing the shape of the formation and the involvement of Sultan Saif who has offensive intentions.

He ended Abdulwahab “I hope that we continue on the same approach and performance in the coming matches and we will try to solve all errors, although the time is not enough, because the treatment of such errors require long periods of time, but we’ll see what can be modified in the coming days.”


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