Abdul Wahab: We must to win


Today was held the press conference for the match between Kalba Baniyas Arabian Gulf League for the 23rd round on in the presence of the media, newspapers, with Baniyas coach Mr. Abdul Wahab and the player Darwish Mohammed

Abdul Wahab started his speech expressing his admiration for Kalba, where he described the team distinguished and has achieved the desired results, either by his great and remarkable victory against Al Shabab or in many previous matches that  prove the possibilities of this club. 

Al Samawi coach said that the game will be a real crossroads for the team and who will have the desire to give the real performance inside the field beside the focus for 90 minutes is who will achieve victory and three points and this is what we have sought as a technical staff over the previous days and our players excited for the match on Friday. 

Abdul Wahab concluded that the players know the task they have on them, where there is no choice but to win a meeting in such a detailed meeting and the team in general will maintain the lineup match Sharjah and the players who participated in the last match where there are no absences in our ranks except for the continued of Mark Milligan to stop and Ali Ameri injury.

The player Darwish Mohammed in the conference, where he expressed the continued hope and confidence of the players themselves, as there is no impossible in football.

Darwish said that Kalba is a good team in his home and Baniyas share the same ambition and goals which is staying in the professional league for this will be a strong matching and will see a lot of excitement.


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