Abdul Wahab: “Looking to leave a good impression in the league”


In the press conference that was held for the last round of Arabain Gulf League which will be between Baniyas and Al Ahli at the Rashid Stadium, in the presence of Mr. Abdulwahab Abdul Qadir, and the player Khalid Al Attas with number of journalists.

Abdel Wahab started the conference by describing Al Ahli team, which is a strong and distinguished team that qualified a few days ago to the Round of 16 of the Asian Champions League and still has the goal on the last game of the league to win to participate in the Asian Championship for next season.

“We hope to leave a good impression in the league by offering a great match against Al Ahli and finish the season well, despite the relegate of the team to the first division”

He also talked about the relegate of the team, describing that Al Samawi did not deserve to relegate with the performance in the last games of the season and you do not lose 4 consecutive games you are a strong team but the team was not lucky enough to achieve the victory, which caused the relegation.

“In the last 3 games, we could have gone out at least with twice victories, which it might put the team in a safe position in the table of ranking, but last minute goals have evaporated the team’s dream of staying in the league this season.” Abdul Wahab said.

He also stressed that Baniyas Club must rearrange its conditions to return as soon as possible to the Arabian Gulf League

“I have always decided whether to continue with the team or not after the last game of the season and we will see what might happen after the last game against Al Ahli,” Abdul Wahab added.

Also the press was attended by was Khalid Al Attas, the defender of the tea

“The players have gone through this difficult period through

m, who provided excellent performances in the last matches of the team, which in turn confirmed that Al Samawi is fully prepared for this match and will never give up because the team wants to leave a good impression in the last game on season despite the relegation.  the cohesion and unity of all the players, in which that has made it easier to overcome these difficult moments,” he said.

He also ended as the Baniyas relegation is never the end but is the beginning to return back stronger because the name Baniyas Club is great and will return again to compete for all competitions.


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