Baniyas continues to lead the league


Baniyas continued his lead for the first division league after defeating Al-Dhaid in the match that brought together the two teams in Al-Dhaid Club for the fifteenth round today Friday, March 2, 2018, which ended with the victory of Al-Samawi with a goal for nothing, despite the completion of the red card for Baniyas after Hassan Mahrami took the second yellow card.

Baniyas entered the match with the abscense of two important key players which they are Manucho and Harry Novillo, where the lineup included Mohammed Khalaf in the goalkeeper, Yousif Jaber, Hassan Al Mahrami, Mubarak Al Mansouri, Ahmed Dada, Haboush Saleh, Faisal Al Khadim, Suhail Al Nubi, Saleh Al Manhali , Ahmed Rabea, and Ahmed Al-Ahbabi.

In the first half, Al-Samawi scored through Suhail Al-Noubi in the 26th minute to make Baniyas leading with one to no, which was the result that ended in the first half. The second half saw the dismissal of Hassan Al-Mahrami who received the second yellow card in the 65th minute to complete the match with a missing player. However, Al-Samawi was not affected by this shortage as Mr. Goran made a substitution with striker Hamad Al-Ahbabi and defender Khalid Al-Attas to restore balance after the red card. Baniyas completed the game by keeping the net clean and not receiving any goal to be able to successfully harvest the full points and the top of the league with 34 points away from Fujairah team with three points difference after the draw of the last in front of Dibba Al-Hissin.

In the next round, Al-Samawi will go to meet Al-Arabi on Friday 9th March 2018 at Al Arabi Club there in Umm Al Quwain.


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