Baniyas presents their new players


Today was held the presence conference of the presentation of the new Baniyas Players Locals and Foreigners in the presence of Saleh Ismail, member of the Board of Directors of Baniyas Football Company and manager of the first team. The local players were Fahad Al-Dhahnani, Fawaz Awanah, Ahmed Al Shamsi, Ahmed Mal Allah and Salim Al Hammadi.

Saleh Ismail: Baniyas will not be easy 

Saleh Ismail began the press conference by talking about Baniyas preparations for the next season by completing the contracts with the four foreigners and strengthening the team with the locals players. He also pointed out that there is no team fully ready for the beginning of the season but we will think in each match separately.

On the mechanism of selecting the new players, Saleh Ismail said that there was a technical committee led by Abdullah al-Ghailani, a member of the Board of Directors and a number of coaches who, in turn, examined the needs of the team at the level of all positions, which resulted in these signs, which constitute a strong addition to the team.

As for Baniyas’s ambitions for the next season, Saleh Ismail said that Baniyas will not be an easy catch for the rest of the teams and he will try to keep his foot firmly in the professional league for next season.

Fawaz Awanah: There is nothing better than returning home.

Fawaz Awanah spoke about his return to his old home, expressing his great happiness to return to this club, which grew up and wished to provide a good season for Baniyas worthy of his big name and return to normal place among the top league clubs. As for the reason and the motivation that Fawaz returned to Baniyas, Fawaz said that returning to your old home does not require moral motivation. Today, my parents and my friends have had a role in my return to the Baniyas family. He added that the team had made outstanding assignments on all lines and predicted that the team would achieve a surprise next season.

Ahmed Al Shamsi: We have a great passion to defend this team.

Ahmed Al Shamsi also spoke at the press conference, explaining that playing for Baniyas is a great pride for any player and that he will defend this slogan with all strength to return to Al Samawi again to his normal place.

Ahmed Mal Allah: I seek success with Baniyas and return again to the National Team.

Ahmed Malallah also spoke of his return to his former team, who had previously played with them several years ago and expressed his thanks to the club management for their confidence and that he will seek to meet the ambition of the coach and the fans and to reserve a position in the UAE national team.

Salem Al Hammadi: We will strive to compete and win

Salem Al Hammadi described his representation of Baniyas as a great honor. He added Baniyas will be strong and will strive to compete for the league title.

On the other hand, the second press conference was held to present the four new foreign players – Colombian Michael Ortega, The Dutch Leroy George, Brazilian Robson de Paola and Spanish Pedro Conde.

The Brazilian started the conference by expressing his happiness to join Baniyas, stressing that Baniyas has all the elements of success that will help him achieve his goals and return to his normal place among the big teams. He added that he had previously played in an atmosphere similar to the current atmosphere in terms of temperature and humidity.

Michael Ortega: Baniyas became my home

Colombian Michael Ortega also said he was happy to join Baniyas, saying he did not feel any alienation at the club and was quick to match his teammates. As for the weather, he explained that he did not suffer very much as he is coming from a city in Colombia that has similar atmosphere. He added that the team had made a great effort during the preparation period and that he is ready for the beginning of the season. And about increasing number of followers of Baniyas Club social media account after signing him he said that he has a great reputation in Colombia as played in many clubs in addition to the Colombian national team, and expressed his happiness that this will allow the Colombian fans to follow the UAE league.

Leroy George: I have good information about the UAE League

The Dutchman Leroy George spoke of his joining Baniyas and expressed his pleasure in the quick harmony and adaptation with his fellow players. He added that he had received good news about the UAE and the UAE league from his former Melbourne Victory teammate Australian Mark Milligan, who advised him to join Baniyas and contribute to the team’s return to normal place.

Pedro: I’m ready for the next match

The conference concluded with the new Spanish Pedro Conde, who thanked everyone at the club for the warm welcome on his first day at the club, which made him adapt to the atmosphere quickly, expressing that these things help to achieve positive results. He said he was fully prepared for the next match as he finished the preparation period with his former club. He did not miss any training until the day he travelled to UAE and he is fully ready for the next match.


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