Baniyas tied with Fujairah with ten players


For the first round of the Arab Gulf League, Baniyas tied with Fujairah with a goal for both teams in the match at the Fujairah Club Stadium on Friday 31 August 2018.

The game has been saw the first red card of the season in the 17th minute it was for Baniys Faisal Al Khadim, which in ref opinion was worth a direct red card.

Al-Fujairah in turn took advantage of the shortage quickly when they managed to score the leading goal in the 18th minute by Algerian Mohamed Ben Yettou after a powerful shot home netted Fahd Al-Dhahnani.

Al-Samawi tried to return to the game in spite of the shortage of players but was unable to equalise to the end of the first half with the leading of Fujairah.

In the second half of the match, Baniyas entered in a spirit of great morale and were able to score the equalizer through Spanish Pedro Conde in the 60th minute.

Fujairah tried to score and grabbed the goal of the lead in more than a shot but the brilliant Fahd Al-Dhahnani was in the lookout for all the opportunities that were made from Fujairah.

Al-Samawi managed to snatch two chances that were able to score the goal of progress but did not use of them effectively .The game ended with a positive draw with a goal of both teams.


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