Jurcic: Ajman match is an incentive for young players to offer their best


Today was held the press conference for the Baniyas match against Ajman for the first round of the Gulf Arab League, which will be held next Tuesday, 4 September 2018 at Ajman Stadium. The press conference attended by of coach Jurcic and goalkeeper Mohammed Khalaf with a number of local press.

The coach started by talking about the Arabian Gulf Cup, which is a tournament for the participation of young players to highlight their potential, especially that there is a law in this tournament provides that there must be three young players in the starting line, which gives a great incentive for young players to provide their best to find them a place with the starting eleven players.

Speaking about Ajman team, Mr. Jurcic described Ajman as coming from a big game against Al Nasr, where he managed to win after a high-level match. They have a team that plays as a single bloc and relies on counterattacks.

As for the readiness of Baniyas, the coach confirmed that all the players are ready for this match and that there are no injuries except Salem Al Hammadi, who is still training separately, and that Pedro Conde has traveled abroad for family conditions with the permission of the club but will be able to catch up on the match and see how ready he is to start the match.

The coach also stressed that all matches are important to the team and there is no difference between the league and cup matches, winning creates a distinctive atmosphere to complete the same way for this we must enter every game in order to win.

Mohammed Khalaf also spoke about Baniyas’s ambitions for the season and confirmed that Baniyas had qualified to the professional league to stabilize his feet and to make a season worthy of the reputation of Baniyas.

“The Gulf Cup is a good opportunity for young and reserve players to present themselves and prove themselves. He also pointed out that Ajman is a good team and play beautiful football since last season and will be a nice match between the two sides.

As for the chances of winning for Baniyas in this match, he pointed out that the chances of winning vary for both teams and everything depends on game circumstances.


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