Jurcic: Looking to win against “The Leaders”


Today was held the press conference for the Baniyas match against Sharjah for the 7th round of Arabian Gulf League, which will be held next Friday, 26th October 2018 at Sharjah Stadium. The press conference attended by of coach Jurcic and the player Fahad Al Dhanhani with a number of local press.

Jurcic started the conference by talking about the Sharjah team as a strong team and leaders of the league and playing beautiful football in addition to having players on high level in both foreigners or locals players, where Sharjah scored 17 goals all of them came through foreigner players, which shows how important foreign players in The team who make up the difference, they also have good local players.

He also explained that he respects all opponents and will definitely focus to win whether he plays against the leaders or any other team. He is not one of the coaches who are looking for a one point against the big teams.

“After the shock of the draw against Emirates we analyzed the game accurately and we stopped the mistakes that have occurred and we have worked on it last week to avoid the future.”

As for the absence of the team, Jurcic explained that the team is still missing Ahmed Al-Muhri and Fawaz Awanah due to injury and waiting for the medical report on the condition of the players and that will determine the participation of players or not in front of Sharjah, and said that Ahmed Dada felt discomfort in the same place of the old injury.

He explained that when faced the big teams in the league,  they are playing attacking football and looking for a win and do not depend on the closure of areas and blocks in the back line, which makes us play more relaxed and perform beautiful football.

Fahad Al-Dhahnani also said that the game is certainly difficult especially it is against the leaders of the league, but we will definitely look for a positive result. He added that the team was not lucky in the last game to get out of the three points, especially that it was seconds from winning the game.

“The defense line is strong and strong and it feels secure in their presence,” he said. “The team lacked focus in the final minutes of the previous game, which is what we have to play in front of Sharjah.


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