Jurcic: Fujairah difficult opponent and we are ready


Coach Jurcic started the conference by saying that it is an important match in the opening of the second round of the league, an opportunity for us stay at a warm place in the table of points. “We have to play the game very seriously and strongly from the beginning to get the goal we want from this match.

As for the physical condition of the players, the coach confirmed that the team does not suffer from any absences, either the for suspensions or for injuries except for one case, defender Abdel Salam Mohammed, who will miss the meeting due to injury otherwise, everyone is ready for this match.

The coach also confirmed that the team will have back Ahmed Dada, who missed most of the first round matches due to the injury.

The coach added “In the first round against Fujairah, which ended in a positive draw between the two teams, Fujairah has made several changes to the first round on the level of player, however the first match has seen a numerical shortage of Baniyas since the first quarter of an hour of the meeting, and that affected the match result.

He added that Fujairah will come with the ambition to win and get the three points as they try to get out of the danger zone and ensure a position far from relegation.

Ahmed Dada, who missed most of the first league games due to injury, which in turn mentioned that in the period of his absence, the team was not affected and his teammates was able to achieve good result and got victories.

Dada explained that the first-round match against Fujairah is not a measure of tomorrow’s game. The first match saw several changes, especially as Al-Samawi played most of the game missing one player.

As for his readiness after the injury, Ahmed Dada confirmed that he is fully prepared and ready to run this meeting.


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