Baniyas faild passing to the final of AGC


Baniyas failed to reach the final of the Arabian Gulf Cup after the lost against Al Wahda by 4-1 in the semi-final match at Al Nahyan Stadium on Friday. The only goal for Baniyas was scored by Pedro Conde, while Al Wahda goals scored by. Tagliabue scored two goals, Leonardo and Khalil Ibrahim.

Al-Samawi entered the match with a squad consisting of goalkeeper Mohammed Al Hammadi, Yousif Jaber, Hassan Al Mahrami, Robson, Khalid Al Hashmi, Haboush Saleh, Fawaz Awanah, Mohammed Al Menhali, Ali Awanah, Leroy George and Pedro Conde.

Al Wahda advanced early in the second minute through Khalil Ibrahim after a powerful shot at Mohammed Al Hammadi’s goalkeeper. Baniyas tried to return to equlize and managed to do so when Pedro Conde scored the equalizing goal, taking advantage of the mistake of Al Wahda defences, announcing a positive draw in the meeting, which ended the first half after.

The second half began with strong pressure from Al Wahda. Tagliabue managed to score the second goal in the 59th minute after Leonardo de Souza hit the crossbar and returned to Tagliabue, who turned it in the net, announcing Al-Annabi’s two-goal lead.

Before the end of the game Leonardo scored the third goal to end all hopes of the Samawi to reach the final in the 83rd minute of the meeting. In the 88th minute Tagliabue added the fourth goal of Al Annabi after a nice pass from Ismael Matar to announce the progress of Al Annabi four and succeed in reaching the final.

The coach of Baniyas Jorčic expressed his anger at this result, asserting that his anger not because of loss is something in football, but he knew that the Samawi has better to did in this meeting.

He pointed out that Al Wahda has players of high quality and value like Tagliabue and Leonardo and have already succeeded in resolving the meeting in for Al Wahda.

He also congratulated Al Wahda on reaching the final for the second time. They played a big game and succeeded in exploiting the errors our team, explaining that his players had some fear in this match.


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