Jurcic: Sharjah will not celebrate in Baniyas


A press conference was held on Wednesday for the Baniyas match against Sharjah for the 20th round of Arabian Gulf League in the presence of the team’s coach, Krono Jurcic, and the player Fawaz Awana and a number of local press.

The coach started by describing the Sharjah team as Sharjah making a special season and presents strong and beautiful football with great desire to achieve the title. They also have foreign players at a very high level, in addition to young local players who are able to create a difference and change the result of the match.

“We congratulate the Sharjah team on their performance on this season, especially coach Abdul Aziz Al Anbari, who has made a great effort and worked hard in the Sharjah team, where we see that the team is highly organized and has a personality in the field and is progressing steadily towards achieving the title.

At the same time, he explained that Sharjah should know that it is coming to the Baniyas stadium, the place that has no any lose for Baniyas in this season so far, so this awaits them a difficult game especially as Baniyas offers special levels this season.

He stressed that Al Samawi is fully prepared and prepared for this match as the team does not suffer any absences either on the level of injury or suspension and everyone is ready to run this big match.

“We respect the Sharjah team but we have great confidence that we will win this game, we have players and a team that is distinguished. I am very confident of winning at our stadium, which is very difficult for any opponent we face here.

“We played a big game in the first round against Sharjah but we were not lucky and we lost the points. Now things are different as Baniyas are getting stronger and more mature. Sharjah like the first game we expect will depend on our mistakes to reach this goal.

The player Fawaz Awana also talked in the press conference saying “We face the unbeaten leaders in the league this season, it is a good incentive for us to inflict their first loss and we can break this record. As everyone knows, Al Samawi have not lost this season at home ground.” therefore we will try to continue in this distinctive figure, he pointed out that all these numbers indicate that we are on a date with a big game between the two teams.

Fawaz said that Sharjah will come here to offer all that has to move away from the top and resolve the title more, but my team players are ready for this summit and promise Sharjah that they will face the opponent is not easy at all.

As for Al-Samawi’s ambitions this season, Fawaz pointed out that the goal of the team is to offer beautiful football in the rest of the season and promise that the next seasons will be of interest among the top teams in the league.


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