Baniyas got defeated against Al Dhafra


Baniyas got defeated against Al Dhafra for the 21st round of Arabian Gulf League which ended with a win for the home team Al Dhafra by 1-0 the match that gathered the two teams at Hamdan Bin Zayed Stadium.

Al-Samawi entered the meeting with a group of Fahd Al-Dhahnani, Yousif Jaber, Khalid Al Hashimi, Hassan Al Mahrami, Ahmed Al-Mahri, Fawaz Awanah, Michael Ortega, Leroy George, Suhail Al Noubi, Haboush Saleh and Pedro Conde.

The first half of the match saw no great excitement from both sides. Each keen to secure his goal and not to receive the goals. Yousif Jaber, a brilliant Baniyas player, tried to hit the net in the 20th minute but Khalid Al Sanani blocked his attempt.

Romulo dos Santos, a player of Al-Dhafra, was active and caused his moves to upset the Sky Blues players but without much threat to the goal.

Romulo took the lead in the 38th minute but Fahd Al-Dhahnani, Baniyas goalkeeper, blocked the ball. In stoppage time from the first half, the nets were finally shaken. The home side was awarded a penalty by Romulo dos Santos.

Baniyas gave up his defensive caution and set off on a quest for a draw from the first minute of the second half, but he ran into strong and fortified defences from Al Dhafra. Pedro Condi fired three shots at the opening of the game, the first and second did not know the way to the goal in the 48th and 51th minutes, and the third was saved by Khalid Al-Senani in the 53rd minute.

Al-Samawi continued his attempts and pressed hard on the defence of Al-Dhafra, which was held together by the goalkeeper Khalid Al-Senani. And the opportunity was created in the time of injury to Ahmed Mal Allah but Al-Sanani was present and kept a clean sheet to end the match with Al Dhafra win one for no to Baniyas.


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