With two goals, Baniyas won Al Ain


Baniyas made an important win over Al Ain with a 2-0 win over the 22nd round of Arabian Gulf League which was held at Al Baniyas Stadium.

Al-Samawi entered the meeting with a team of Fahd Al-Dhahnani, Yousif Jaber, Khalid Al Hashimi, Robson De Paola, Ahmed Al-Mahri, Fawaz Awanah, Michael Ortega, Leroy George, Suhail Al Nubi, Haboush Saleh and Pedro Codne.

Baniyas put pressure on the defence of Al Ain from the start and Michael Ortega shoot in the 6th minute. Al-Samawi’s pressure continued and Suhail Al Nubi struck in the 8th minute with little risk. Before the end of the first half, Al Ain received a penalty that Marcus Berg failed to score and wasted it on the crossbar to end the first half with a goalless draw.

Al-Samawi started the second half with a goal to progress in the 49th minute after Michael Ortega received a pass from Pedro Connery in the area.

Pedro Conde managed to score the second goal for Al-Samawi in the 65th minute after following a shot from Fawaz Awanah from the left and rebounded from the keeper and Conde, who settled in the net easily, announcing the progress of the home team of the second goal.

Al-Samawi maintained their lead until the end of the game to achieve three important points in front of Al Ain, Al-Samawi’s second win over Al Ain in the current season after winning the Gulf Cup for a 1-0 victory.

Baniyas coach Mr. Jurcic talked after the match by saying “We know that the eye does not go through a good stage, but winning a team with the size of the eye is very important,”

He added: “Congratulations to my players because they have made a great effort in this game. The penalty that Al Ain got was a turning point in the game because it made our team wake up and focus more in the second half”

“I would like to commend Haboush for this game because he suffered some discomfort before the start of the match, but he insisted on participating and gave a game more than a wonderful and make an effort thanking him”


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