Baniyas attend PLC/AFC Marketing Conference


Baniyas staff is attending the 2 workshop days of the PLC/AFC Marketing Conference in Dubai.
The Pro League Committee in cooperation with the KICK OFF Programme has begun a first-of-its kind of football development conference focusing on Marketing.
The workshop was opened by Mr. Suhail Al Areefi, CEO of the Pro League Committee who welcomed attendees from all 14 Arabian Gulf League clubs, as well as representatives of the UAE Football Association, Sports Councils and media. Mr. Suhail said “Club development is the shared responsibility of both the Pro League Committee and the clubs and we believe that by championing progression and professionalism at club level, we will ultimately see great strides being taken towards developing UAE football to its full potential”.
The main’s day speaker was Mr. Noel Mooney, UEFA Marketing Manager. Mooney focused in Marketing Strategy & Panning, Marketing Research, Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning, Brand, Promotion, Digital Marketing and Football Relationship Management.


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