Real Madrid Legends visit Baniyas Club facilities


Al Shamkha, Baniyas, Abu Dhabi

The programmed activities for the first Martyr Cup celebration in the city of Baniyas, included the visit of Real Madrid Legends to the different facilities of Baniyas Club. During all the day , all the stars showed interest in the work done in both Academies of the Club, Real Madrid Academy and Baniyas Club Academy.

Real Madrid Legends visit Real Madrid Baniyas-Academy

After that, Real Madrid Legends went to the new Academy facilities in Al Shamkha, located close the Baniyas Stadium where they appreciated the work realized by the different youth teams.

After the Academy visit, the Legends visited the village of heritage that the Club installed close to the main entrance in which the  players enjoyed the old tradition and celebrate the 44th National Day.

Once finalized the visits, Real Madrid players were invited to watch the match of the 10th round of the Arabian Gulf League by HE Mubarak bin Mehairoom, Chairman of the Company.

Martyr Cup Baniyas Legends vs Real Madrid Legends
After the match, Baniyas Legends and Real Madrid Legends visited Bawabat Al Sharq Mall were hundreds were waiting them to make pictures of the players and get their signatures. After that, it was celebrated a gala dinner in which all the people enjoyed of this beautiful experience.

After the dinner, both team   left the Mall to go their hotels to rest waiting their participation in the Martyr Cup, which it will take place at Baniyas Stadium in Al Shamka tomorrow Friday December 4th at 7’30pm. It’s worth to say that before the match it will be done some activities in the same Stadium preparing by the Club for the fans who will attend this important event.


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