About Us

Bani Yas Sports and Cultural Club is a UAE Club compromising football, volleyball, handball, table tennis, and fencing as well as several other sports, chaired by Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God protect him. Bani Yas club was established and publicized upon a decision made by the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports in 1982. The club is located in Bani Yas area, Abu Dhabi. The mission of the club is to raise the motivations of the youngesters and direct them to sports and cultural activities, keep the young people away from all that is harmful, and for them to become useful members of their community and represent their country and their club honorably. The vision of the founders of Bani Yas club emphasizes that the club shall become a symbol of superiority and excellence in various sport, cultural and social activities, and to strengthen the development of sports in accordance with the vision and perception planned by the wise leadership.

The team started working rightfully by building a base of juniors and youngsters who previously played in the young and junior competitions organized by the Football Association, until they become strong and more ready to participate in the second division, at that time. After arduous journey, the team was able to fulfill its dream to ascend, for the first time, to the first division in the 1987-1988 season. The team continued to achieve successes, and in the fifth season of his ascension in 1991-1992, it succeeded to win the Cup of H.H the President of the State, as the biggest achievement in the club’s history so far .

Since the club’s rise to Etisalat Pro League at the beginning of the sports season of 2009-2010, after winning the first division league, it has provided a distinct level in that season which qualified it to occupy the fourth place. The team continued its successful journey in the professional league, played in the 2010-2011 season better than the level of the previous season and competed vigorously to win the league title and occupied the second place in the competition.