Baniyas Football Company

Baniyas Football Company is one of the companies operating under the umbrella of Baniyas Sports and Cultural Club and is specialized in the development of football, paying attention to the emerging talents and caring for young players interested in this sport. In addition, the company is constantly working to ensure sustainable development for all different football teams of different age groups up to the First Team. It also runs Baniyas Football Academy through which it is seeking to create a sustainable strong base of talents that will support the main teams with the talents they need. The company's headquarter is located in the new Al Shamkha Stadium and has different administrative departments, including executive, financial, advertising, marketing, administrative, legal and human resources departments.

The Board of Directors of the Football Company is headed by His Excellency Dr. Salem Jareeb Al Harthy, and the Members: Ahmed Mohammed Al Jabri, Saleh Ismail, and Salem Menhali, Abdullah Al Junaibi.

HE. Dr. Salem Jareeb Al Harthy

HE. Abdullah Al Junaibi

HE. Saleh Ismail Al Hamadi

HE. Ahmed Mohammed Al Jabri

HE. Salem Kamas Al Menhali