Schaefer : We always want to win

Schaefer: AlSamawi always wants to win all his games

Mohamed Khalaf: We are ready to meet and Ajman is a strong team

The introductory press conference for the match of Bani Yas Ajman within the Arabian Gulf Cup was held in the press conference hall in Al Shamkha with the presence of media and newspapers

Schaefer began his speech by expressing his help and pride in the presence of a large number of heavenly players in the national teams that play games in the next few days, whether the first team or Olympic

Schaefer said that recalling more than five players to the teams is a testament to the success of the Bani Yas players and the club's approach to giving these young people the opportunity to showcase their talents and gain self-confidence, giving them a chance to prove themselves.

Schaefer said that we will search for players to make up for the absence of our international players in the match Ajman and here lies the benefit of the team under twenty-one years, which has a special interest of the club and can provide the first team with many young elements and talents that can strengthen the ranks of the first team

Schaefer added that Bani Yas is always looking for a win, either with big teams or even with medium teams, noting that Ajman is an excellent team and no less than any team and it is natural that the players heavenly excellent level in the matches of Al Ain, Al Jazira and Al Ahli for example because such games do not need to be prepared Myself is great because the players enter the atmosphere of the game faster and this is happening in major leagues as well as the English league

Schaefer pointed to questions that the players are still young and did not get enough minutes of play last season and that the team is constantly improving and that for example we have involved Khamis Al Hammadi in several games and had to be given a rest after Al Dhafra match and this happened where he participated with Al Wahda in the last quarter An hour because he never used to play games with so many minutes

For his part, Mohammed Khalaf talked about his presence in the starting lineup, according to the coach at the beginning of the conference, where he said that he is ready to face Ajman and happy with his first participation during the season next Friday.

Mohammed Khalaf addressed the word "Congratulations" to the goalkeeper and teammate Fahad Al-Dhanhani on the occasion of his wedding and wishing him the best in his life, Mohammed said that he is always happy to help his colleagues and advise them as one of the team captain and one of the oldest players.