Exclusive interview with Fawaz Awana

Intrview with the captain of Bani Yas Fawaz Awana
an introduction :
He is an exceptional player, the captain of the team before being an important player in the ranks of Heavenly, and is the brother of the late star Diab Awanh, may God have mercy on him, as he was raised in the academies of Bani Yas Club, renewed his contract a few days ago and therefore stayed again in his home, Guest of the platforms of Bani Yas Sports and Cultural Club in this interview, which holds a lot of excitement and excitement, information and stories that you know for the first time.
Fawaz Awan wondering about what never talk? We told him that everyone wants to know the story of joining the Bani Yas Club, and here begins his talk with a smile and says: Is there more beautiful than the story of joining Bani Yas? Fawaz says we were playing like the rest of the children in the street and sand playgrounds. My brother Abdul Karim and the late Thiab Awanah (may Allaah have mercy on him) even came to us one day as a scout from Bani Yas Club. The fact that we ignored that person because we did not realize the importance of playing at the club or under the supervision of coaches and academies interested in talents, and the funny situation that that person was asked about us and was able to find out the address of the house Are you going to play with us in Bani Yas? Here we felt the interest of this club young and young and did not hesitate one second to join him and thank God today I thanks to our elders, may God protect them and the Bani Yas Club reached what I am. .
Regarding Fawaz's question, what would he have done if he had not been a footballer? He answered directly as a "civil engineer." Fawaz says he graduated from the Higher College of Technology and went on to study beside sports. It is achieved immediately after the end of his career, stressing that the football player and the athlete in general should be interested in his study and the knowledge and culture as much interest and commitment in sports.
Asked Fawaz about a story that happened between him and the late Diab or a position that nobody knows until this moment, Fawaz thought for a few seconds and said listen to this story well: Captain Heavenly says I was young and came Diab God's mercy to watch me in one of the games, I was joy because I want to see me play and shine That day the coach put me on the bench and I didn't play at all! I was very frustrated and then Fawaz came and told me literally: Love for others do not love yourself, today others are in the stadium because it is better than you but work and patience will be better and you will get the opportunity, I still did not forget that sentence (Be patient), and after that story died Diab God's mercy The team knows everyone, here I thought well of his words and I said to myself: If I stay on the bench and did not double my efforts in order to play the sports street will forget the name of his family and this is what I do not want him to happen, especially after the brilliance of my late brother, thank God worked hard and tried and focused on football a lot I will make me the captain of my favorite team today My one day I wish I could play him for a few minutes in the Academy teams! Yes, from here I draw the same advice that Dhiab (may Allaah have mercy on him) told me to all the players, especially the Bani Yas players in the first team who do not play much or who are in the stages of age: Be patient and you will get your chance sooner or later, just strive and develop yourself and trust that there will Work and you will be commended someday.
When we talked to the captain of the heavenly captain about his private and family life and his association with football, he said at the height of happiness that there is something that happens to me after each game is to come my son Diab to ask me after the end of each meeting Why did not register? Did you score a goal for me? Well, I don't want to tell him that the goals for the strikers are more than the midfielders until the Ajman match came in which I scored a goal but we were not happy because our ambition was to win the meeting, here I came home I saw my son Diab very happy and ask me I scored a goal why you are not Said and here I told him I am more happy to win than the registration because the win is what commemorates the goals for this you must be the leader of your friends Yathiab and think for the benefit of everyone, smiled and said the important thing that you registered (made me smile) and then thank God, we were able to win on the unit and I was Diab happy and next to all family members.
Fawaz also did not hide the tendency of the whole family to heavenly and encourage them to the team of Bani Yas, where he said that the father may God protect him and the late Diab and the rest of the family we all love Bani Yas and we have many things heavenly house because we are optimistic about this color and feel that being beside the rest of my brothers as players representing the heavenly shirt is something One day my son Diab would like to play football. His choice is Bani Yas, no doubt. I also have my two-year-old son Saif who is now wearing a Bani Yas shirt (smiling) and Fawaz says a fact I always wanted to say. Now comes the opportunity, Bani Yas Club represents the region Ne Yas we feel when we play or encourage this club that we encourage ourselves because the club has become an integral part of us, a second home for every person who wants to feel happy and wants to spend a lovely time.
Fawaz said: I admit that I prevent my father from coming to the stadium, my father is a big man and those of his age does not suit such high pressure, and I know that he is fanatical in encouraging Bani Yas Club to a very large degree, in the loss or not to provide a good level may break the TV or immediately We are proud of the love of this club and hope to win the championship this season or the following seasons to bring happiness to all these hearts that encouraged the heavenly years ago and did not think to change its tendency one day

As for his work with Captain Schaefer, Fawaz said that it is a positive thing that the heavenly coach was a player before he was a coach, so he can easily know what we want what we need, a feature in our coach who can take what he wants from young players and experienced players in addition to that Encourages and motivates and when a player makes a mistake to guide him properly and appropriately, which drives this player to work and did the right thing undoubtedly, the fact that we benefit every day from his presence with us and I hope with all my heart with my colleagues that the results of the matches of this great coach.
As for his experience with Al Wahda Club, he said that representing the homeland is an honor and any player in his place is honored with such experience, especially since the friction in such competitions gives the player a lot of experience and the art of dealing with big games and the presence of large crowds. Fortunately, now I hope to reach the AFC Champions League again and play the advanced roles but with my team-mates, I remember well when we played in the 2010-2011 AFC Champions League and reached the round of 16 and faced Al Hilal, this young group and the distinguished players present in the club Yas Yassin Indeed, I would like to thank this opportunity to thank His Highness Sheikh Omar bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God protect him, for giving me the opportunity to participate with Al Wahda Club in this tournament, which gave me the opportunity to represent the homeland and it was the best participation I will never forget.
Besides football, Fawaz said that he loves billiards, but with confidence he said (I am special in this game) and I am looking for someone who challenges me (smiles) and says when we make a challenge between friends I am always the winner, and Fawaz also says that he loves fishing In general, Fawaz says that he loves every sport or hobby useful and does not harm the body and health, and that the footballer has to practice many sports and hobbies in order to develop first and second because such sports have evolved within the side of concentration and enhance self-confidence, which returns to the player in the ground Stadium while playing football.
Fawaz said that he loves Real Madrid, and that if he was offered the opportunity to play in a global club will choose Real Madrid and play alongside Casemiro and Modric, Fawaz says that Casimiro resembles me in the way of play, I love my position as a midfielder and the challenge of the seriousness of this particular center as a link Between the line of defense and attack and mistakes here are prohibited, from the small established on this center and graduated from the Banyas Club Akademy and thank God represented the first national team as well, completely satisfied with this choice for this position and if time goes back also I will not change this position even if my son asked me So thy order in order to record Its more goals (laughs).