We have to learn from this game a lot of lessons

We have to learn from this game a lot of lessons

The evaluation press conference was held for Bani Yas and Ajman in the presence of Bani Yas Schaefer coach, which ended with three goals for each team

Schaeffer seemed to have to learn many lessons from this game and the players to take advantage of the many mistakes they have made, whether in the maintenance of the ball or the wrong passes repeated and loss of focus, which helped Ajman to return to the game after losing hope

Schaefer said that we want to play good football and when you do not play well and in your usual way you may lose and this is what I saw today with long passes that we do not want to play and we were indispensable and the players are supposed to keep the ball more and play balls short and short

Schaefer added that now we start the recovery phase of this match and then return again to work for the match of youth Ahli and I hope the return of the players of the heavenly national teams without injuries

Schaefer said that tomorrow morning we will talk with the players about their mistakes and their positive points in the game and the players to learn from their mistakes and this cost us today to lose points win

And about the goals that entered the goal of Bani Yas and the problem of fixed balls says Schaefer we must also focus on the corridor that is made from him and come from those balls and not only blame Sasha and the hearts of defense on the goals, but undoubtedly we will review those cases as well

One of the things that Schaefer touched upon is that players do not talk to each other at the stadium and that the player should guide his teammate on the pitch and that each player as the leader because one of the goals that entered Marmana today was the result that the players do not communicate with each other well

Regarding his substitutions, Schaefer said that replacing Suhail Al-Nubi was an emergency substitution and that Shaheen deserved the opportunity because he is a good player and Sultan Al Shamsi always makes a difference immediately after his entry and that the young players also deserved the opportunity to play and we wanted them to gain confidence

Finally, Schaefer concluded that when we beat Al Wahda, everyone praised Bani Yas and envisioned that we can win against any team.This is wrong and we must be arrogant to our young players and they are still learning and must make mistakes in order to learn and when they learn and develop from their skills then we will win even against Barcelona.