Official statement of the Bani Yas Club after the errors of the referee match Kalba

Official statement of Baniyas Club after the events of the game Ittihad Kalba
First of all, the Bani Yas Club confirms its keenness on the interest of UAE football and its development in a way that serves the national teams in general.
In this regard, we in Bani Yas announce a formal complaint against Mr. Adel Al Naqbi, referee of Bani Yas and Ittihad Kalba in the sixth week of the Arabian Gulf League.
First, the game witnessed clear refereeing errors that affected the final result and the loss of Bani Yas by calculating an incorrect penalty against the team as well as condoning a penalty for the team clear to all and confirmed the validity of all arbitration analysts.
Second: Despite the call of the rule of video technology "mouse" to Mr. Adel Al Naqbi in both cases, but he did not retract from the error correction, which means that there is a flaw resulting in the loss of our team to three points.
Third: This is not the first time that our team has been exposed to such mistakes, which cost us to lose eight points in three games against Al Ahli and Khorfakkan and finally to USM Kalba.
Fourth: Please kindly respond to our complaint and find out the steps that will be taken regarding these facts in order to officially record the situation in order to preserve the rights of the club and its fans.
Fifth: The Bani Yas administration reiterates that the reform of arbitration errors and taking deterrent penalties against anyone who made a mistake will not only be in the interest of Bani Yas but also in the interest of the UAE football in general and the Arab Gulf League, especially as the continuation of the series of mistakes threatens the entire championship with many serious consequences.