Schaefer: We respect the Al Ain team and we will play with courage, strength

Schaefer: We respect the Al Ain team and we will play with courage, strength and discipline

Sasha Avkovic: My teammates are all high and we will play 90 great minutes

The introductory press conference for the match between Bani Yas and Al Ain in the Arabian Gulf League was held on Tuesday evening in the presence of Bani Yas Schaefer coach and player Sasha Avkovic in addition to media and newspapers

Schaefer said at the beginning of his talk that he wants to talk about Kalba game before going into the details of the game Al Ain where he said we played a very good second half and I am happy with it as we have to offer a high level and win and sometimes offer a level and lose and I top goal to build a young team for the future and support talent

Schaefer said there were mistakes from our young players, especially passes and high balls, but we are in the process of building a team and needs more experience and experience and this means that our goals are not the first or second place in the league and we will wait for next year in order to determine our goals and the centers we aspire to

Schaefer sent a message to the players and young people that they should work more daily in training in order to convince their coaches and then will have the opportunity to participate in the first team and prove their abilities and skills, he added that he always speaks with them in order to know ways to develop and support them properly

As for Al Ain match, Schaefer said that they are a big team and we know that the game is difficult, but we want to fight during this game and we will all support each other for the team and we have won great confidence in ourselves from the previous games and we will play courage and discipline on the pitch

Schaefer said that we are sure to make a game that will be beautiful and big and we just need luck to translate the performance and continuous work and we will play to earn three points on our court and I know that Al Ain has a large audience so I ask the Bani Yas fans to attend especially those who attended and supported us in the game Al Wahda To win

"As you know, Fawaz and Nubi are missing because of the red cards and during the previous training I saw the determination and fighting spirit on the faces of the players and we have the replacements ready to make up for their absence

Schaefer said that it is clear to everyone that Fawaz's absence is effective because he is a captain on the pitch but we also have experienced players like Sasha who played last season in the Champions League, Luis Antonio, Patozi and Pedro are all leaders on the pitch so we can make a match and a positive result

In this regard, he said that Fahd is also a great leader and was guiding his teammates wonderfully in the last game and despite the arrival of Sasha late in the season, but now he has adapted to his teammates, who is also a leader of his teammates. Eye

For his part, Sasha was present at the press conference and said that we respect Al Ain team and know that they are competing for the league, but we also have a strong team and everyone will see how we will play from the first minute until the last breath with all the strength and courage and discipline

Sasha said he quickly coped with his team-mates, where he spent two months with them and that the atmosphere is very good and everything will be OK, especially since his level of development after each game and is ready to give all his money for the team.