The Football Federation responded to the complaint filed against Mr. Adel Al Naqbi, referee of Bani Yas and Kalba

Bani Yas Club announces the arrival of the Football Association response to the complaint made by the club against Mr. Adel Al Naqbi, the referee of Bani Yas and Kalba Federation. During the match evaluation sessions during the matches, the letter stated that the committee adopts a mechanism in evaluating the judges of the stadiums through a weekly meeting during which all errors are discussed, and that what happened in the game of Bani Yas will be discussed during the weekly meeting. Referee accountability for match errors.
We in Bani Yas thank the Football Association for your kind reply to our complaint, and we would like to refute this response in some points.
First: The committee's response stated that it evaluates the mistakes on a weekly basis and instructs the judges of the stadiums to avoid repeating the mistakes.
Secondly, it was stated in the letter that the committee uses the best expertise in the world to evaluate and train our judges. This is not a diminution of the Chairman of the Committee at all, he has full respect and appreciation as a member of the Board of Directors of the Football Association.
Third: With full respect and appreciation for what will be done by the referees committee, what is the benefit that will benefit Bani Yas from these steps after the club lost the match in question first and then lost five more points in the matches of Al Ahli and Khorfakkan with arbitration errors as well.
Fourth, we would like to emphasize that solving any problem properly starts from recognizing it, while minimizing it and emphasizing that things are going properly exacerbates the problem and makes it more difficult to solve.

Fifth: From our point of view, the solution of the arbitration crisis is based on three axes
First: the use of large administrative arbitration expertise that has a great deal when she was working in the field of match management and when she moved to the management of the committee or work within them and the names are many and present.
Second: The members of the Board away from the presidency of the committees, especially since the presence of members of the Board in the presidency of the committees is contrary to their main role in the management of the game and hold the heads of the committees for their work and it is not logical that you are the censor of your work and you hold yourself accountable.
Third: Stay away from the portrayal of the use of foreign rulers as a disaster and the use of them if necessary, the fact that it is normal and occurs in all countries of the world