Justice in the way of criticism in the media

Justice in the way of criticism in the media
At the outset, we would like to emphasize that we do not deny anyone's right.

It does not make sense to be fair and just with a team that has been oppressed in your view and to turn a blind eye to an injustice that has occurred to another team because of neutrality.
The reform of the sports system starts from the media. It is supposed to be the eye that criticizes and analyzes with integrity and fairness, the eye that everyone sees remains the same
After meeting Al Ain, analysts came out with opinions confirming that Al Ain suffered injustice against Bani Yas, but why didn't Bani Yas say he had a penalty? The analogy is where they were when the injustice occurred to us and we lost eight points of arbitration errors now and before.
We tell you who respects Yoharam.

I think it is normal to have one balance, one language, and another pass on you unnoticed.
The media always reflects the image and is the mirror in which we see our sport.
Certainly we all have to put the public good in front of us and the UAE football can only advance and achieve its goals through an integrated work system composed of professional departments that know the meaning of management and media to correct their mistakes through constructive criticism that is far from any impurity The elation of faith and the envy of hypocrisy)