Baniyas comments on the resignation of the UAE Football Association

Certainly, the resignation of the Football Association has been delayed a lot compared to the disasters and failures that this council left behind on Emirati football concerning the teams and the bad results achieved at various international, continental and Gulf levels.

We believe that the failures did not hang-up at the limits of the teams, but also affected the local competitions, especially the League and the Arab Gulf Cup, as this season and the seasons in which this council ruled witnessed disasters that did not happen before, specifically concerning the arbitration and administrative file.

The weird thing is that the UAE Professional League claims that it is protected from this failure and we believe that it is incorrect and illogical, it is greater failure than the other even if it has claimed independence and the biggest evidence for that is that clubs do not obtain the financial rights for TV broadcasting until this moment, which is confusing and strange. If we bear in mind that the Arab Gulf League was launched three months ago, is it reasonable to not pay the clubs’ dues? What is stranger is the lack of a specific response from the association to the clubs’ inquiries about broadcasting rights. There is no specific date or even an announced reason for the delay. This is what confirms that the professionalism claimed by the association is nothing but talk and ink on paper.

The reason for delaying of the association in the disbursement of club dues is traced by the clubs’ inability to arrange their financial papers, especially since broadcasting rights are a part calculated within the annual budget.

From here, we demand the necessity of expediting the disbursement of club dues, or at least set a date for disbursement, especially since the lack of response on the part of the association’s officials compounds the problem.

We also want to know what is the penalty should be applied to this delay since the clubs are subjected to penalties if they are late in paying players’ dues. We have a team that’s made up of a group of players and we are obliged to pay their financial dues. The association as well has a team that’s made up of 14 players and it’s obliged to pay all their dues with no delays or procrastination.