Schaefer: We are going to win against Sharjah, not come out with a tie Muhammed Kamas: Sharjah is a strong team and we are confident of ourselves

Yesterday Sunday evening 8/12/2019, the introductory press conference was held ahead of Sharjah versus Bani Yas match in the eighth round of the Arabian Gulf League with the presence of Coach Schaefer and the player Mohammed as Kama’as Al-Menhali, the media, and newspapers

Schaefer said that Baniyas will face the best team in the league, and he watched their match with Al Ain in the Arabian Gulf Cup. They presented a great match despite the loss, and they have got players on the highest level.

Schaefer said that he was amazed at the beginning of Sharjah’s victory in the league and their lead in the league because it is usual for Dubai and Abu Dhabi teams to be in the lead, but after watching them closely, it became clear that they deserve that. Also, they are a role model in establishing and building a team that competes for years and years, and this is what we seek in Baniyas.

Regarding the match, Schaefer said that we are facing a team that has distinctive elements such as Mendes and Cornado, but we will be able to stop them and we have an obstacle consisting in the absence of Fawaz Awanah and Vector Joao, but we will replace them with other players that will handle the responsibility. The good thing is that Fawaz will be present in the stands to support his teammates.

About the administrative changes in the technical staff, Schaefer said that this is from the past and won’t affect my players who will enter the match with determination, spirit, and courage and I saw how Manchester United won against Manchester City in their last game by courage and spirit despite that Manchester City has better and tougher players.

The coach added that my players have made a very good performance against Fujairah and Hatta, and this is what I want from them against Sharjah; to play and give a hundred and twenty percent for winning and focusing through the ninety minutes and I am very confident of them. Yet, everyone remembers that we won against Sharjah at the beginning of the season with two clean goals.

Finally, Schaefer said that the stronger team does not always win and this happened to Bayern Munich when they lost in their last game against Borussia Monchengladbach with two goals to one, because of the other team's determination and clear desire to win, so we are going to Sharjah to win and not to draw.

From his role, Muhammed Kama’as was present in the conference and expressed his high confidence in his colleagues and their work throughout the week for the match, emphasizing that the team’s absences will not be an excuse for not winning and the aim is to win.

When he was asked about the break-even point with Sharjah in Sharjah, he said without a doubt that it is positive against the league leader, but our goal is to win and to come back even stronger with the return of the league.