Schaefer: we will play against the team that has the most star-players in the league Khalid Al Attas: we are ready to challenge and face Al Jazira

The pre-match press conference was held for Baniyas against Al Jazira match in the eleventh round of the Arabian Gulf League with the presence of coach Schaefer and the player Khalid Al Attas, the media, and newspapers.
Schaefer began his talk ensuring that we will play against the toughest current team in the league and the most team that has special star-players, also they have a high market value, for example, Omar Abdulrahman "Amoori", who’s considered to be one of the best players in the continent of Asia

The coach said that its good to challenge Al Jazira because they’re facing our team that depends on young players and talents that if they played with spirit, determination, committing to the tactical orders, and played with team spirit then they can achieve a positive outcome against Al Jazira

The coach added that he is happy with Shaheen Souroor’s performance and Khalid Ibrahim in the last game, the same thing also on Mohamed Al Hammadi who form the ideal example of the youth and talented players where he also said that there is a live example which is Khalid Al Attas who’s excellent in his center back position, became a great player and can be counted on.
And the reason of his press statement where he mentioned that Al Jazira is the best team in the league because they are fully prepared and with the absence of Cornado from Al Sharjah, the other teams like Al Ain, Shabab Al Ahli, and Al Jazira are looking forward to being on top of the league, where Al Sharjah is still in the competition.

Speaking of the absences of Baniyas, Shaefer said that we will miss Suhail Al Nobi’s efforts because of the yellow cards, about Sasha Ivkovic he returned to the training but we will wait for the medical reports to decide the confirmation of Sasha’s availability, and we trust the substitutes that will provide the required performance on the field.

The player Khalid Al Attas was present at the press conference and he said: Undoubtedly, Al Jazira is a big team and has star-players but we are not worried about facing them and the three points is the main target for both teams, for me as a player, I wish that all of us will present a performance that will lead us to win and grab the three points

He commented on that if Al Jazira is similar to Al Wahda match where it ended with a win for Al Samawi with a score of four goals to three, he said that the match was very exciting and undoubtedly it will be the same for Al Jazira but we fell into mistakes against Al Wahda where we conceded three goals and for that, we will be fully focused to not concede any goal and not repeating those mistakes