Bani Yas paints smiles on the faces of Red Crescent orphans

The Bani Yas Club organized in cooperation with the Red Crescent Authority a sports day for orphaned children registered with the Authority. The event was hosted by the gymnasium covered in the citadel of the celestial castle. Today, the activities included children's activities, including group games, cultural and entertainment events. The hosting of the celestial castle of the event, which was held yesterday, as part of the constant quest to play the role of community sports institutions. The participation of Bani Yas on the sports day was not limited to hosting only, as all things were facilitated, as well as providing all the necessary requirements for games, whether recreational or sports. HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, President of the Club, HH Sheikh Hamed Bin Zayed, First Vice President of the Club and HH Sheikh Omar Bin Zayed, received the greetings of HH General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Second Deputy President of the club God save them. They also paid tribute to the efforts exerted by the officials of the Red Crescent to draw a smile on the faces of orphaned children. He said: "Certainly hosting Bani Yas for the event is not new to the club where we used to participate in such events that will contribute to the development of society first and draw the smile on the faces of our children in the second place. "Bani Yas is not only a sports club, but a sports and social cultural institution, which has the right to play its part in all three directions. The club's senior management guidelines always make community tasks a top priority for all club employees, Especially since such events and events will contribute to the promotion of the spirit of love and tolerance between different sectors of the UAE society in general ..