Schaefer: The next Al Wahda match is very difficult

The pre-match press conference was held today for Baniyas against Al Wahda fixture in the 16th round of the Arabian Gulf League with the presence of Baniyas Coach Winfried Schaefer, the goalkeeper Fahad Al Dhanhani, the media, and newspapers.

At the beginning, Schaefer spoke about the previous match against Al Dhafra saying: “thanks to all who worked for this win, we were united together and we want to accomplish the third win in a row and that came from the players’ spirit and determination and even in the reserve players who I want to thank them with administrative, tactical, medical, and the media staff.”

Schaefer says: "it’s good that we kept our line-up who won in the last three matches where it boosts the players’ confidence and their chemistry among each other, but we have to change Badr Al Shabibi due to injury in last game."

Speaking of Baniyas win in the first-leg and Pedro Conde’s scoring all the goals, Schaefer said that winning doesn’t mean who scored the goal, we might take a corner in the last moments of the game and Fahad Al Dhanhani would score, it doesn’t matter who scored but what matters is we score and win the match.

Baniyas coach said that Al Wahda Club is a very difficult and tough team; I saw their match against Al Wahda at the stadium and they could have won the game with four or five goals, after that, I realized that our match will be more difficult than Al Nasr, Ajman, and Al Dhafra.

The coach emphasized that he did not criticize Pedro Conde’s performance in the last press conference by saying that he is a great striker and wishing him all the best with Shabab Al-Ahli, but he doesn’t fit with the young players at the moment who they need a player that creates for them spaces and assist them to score.

About Luiz Antonio staying with Baniyas Club, Schaefer said that Luiz came from a Saudi league where he used to play with eight foreign players, but now he must work harder and be a leader on the pitch and this is what we changed in Luiz and he performs a very good and we wish that he keep on the good performance in the future.

Mentioning the end of Schaefer’s contract with Baniyas Club, he says that he gives the priority to Baniyas Club and believes in the project’s succession of H.H. Sheikh Omar bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the second vice president of the club in supporting the young players and building a team the will be competitive in the future and that's why he wants to stay.

He added that since now, he started working and giving the required reports on developing the team and keeping the special players and he understands that with the improvement of these players we will set a goal to compete in the first three places of the league in next years.

Schaefer praised Fahad Al Dhanhani saying that: “I want to repeat that Fahad is the best goalkeeper in the UAE and I hope from the fans to vote for him in the best goalkeeper award in January."

Also, he praised the medical team saying that they are doing an excellent job at the meantime, where we are under matches pressure and it’s not easy to maintain players’ safety and setting specific schedules to keep their fitness, that why I want to thank them again for doing their job.

Fahad Al Dhanani was present in the press conference and he thanked his teammates for giving their spirit and determination that they had I the previous game, stressing that they will play with the same spirit and determination against Al Wahda.

Fahad said that all Al Wahda players create a source of danger but he will try to keep his clean sheets as the previous three games, in which Al Samawi conceded one goal from a penalty.