Schaefer: We weren't at our best today and we missed Fawaz Awana

Baniyas coach spoke in the post-match press conference against Al Wahda saying: “We weren’t at our best today and we missed Fawaz Awana on the pitch.”

“We gave away Al Wahda three early gifts where all the goals were scored by individual mistakes, in addition, we missed the organization in our playing style where all the balls were from the backline and we didn’t support the front line.”

“We tried to change by subbing on new players in the second half of the game, but the score remained the same because the players were playing the ball in the backline several times except Suhail Al Noubi who tried to be in front at some parts of the game.”

Schaefer said that we didn’t want to risk and paly on Fawaz Awana who suffers from a muscle injury which he would have missed due to it for a month or two, so he should rest and to be fully recovered to be prepared for Shabab Al-Ahli match.

The coach added: “we didn’t only focus on Shabab Al-Ahli match and forgot Al Wahda match, it’s the opposite, we wanted to do something in the game but we lacked concentration and there were individual mistakes in the match, especially in the first half.