Schafer: we qualified because we deserve this and it didn't come by coincidence

The post-match press conference for Baniyas Club against Shabab Al-Ahli Dubai Club was held today within the President’s Cup fixtures where Baniyas coach expressed his happiness in qualifying to the semi-finals.

Baniyas coach said: “It’s not a surprise that we won against Shabab Al-Ahli and I said to the players that as long as we are united together and we play with spirit and determination, undoubtedly we will win and qualify to further rounds too."

The coach thanked Fawaz Awana and said that it was the best match for the team captain since I came and we missed him a lot in Al Wahda’s fixture, he cut-off passes and assist the young players a lot and everyone saw John Tibar and Joao Victor appearances where they were supported by their teammates.

Also, Schaefer said: “We were under huge pressure from Shabab Al-Ahli in the last 15 minutes of the game and it’s a normal thing because they want to equalize the score, yet everyone saw the brilliant performance of Fahad Al-Dhanhani and Mohamed Al Hammadi’s ball clearance from the goal line. This is what I want from my players to always play like this in each game, let’s forget about today’s match for now and focus on the next game that will be against Shabab Al-Ahli Dubai in the league.”

The coach added that he wants to complete on the path that was drawn by the club’s leaders for the team and to keep on working and improving the squad. Furthermore, the coach gave an example on Joao Victor where he said that he didn’t commit any fouls despite playing against Cartabia, one of the best players in the league. So, our players constantly improving and this is a positive thing to mention.

Schaefer moved on by saying that he doesn’t want to forget anyone from his coaches and especially thanked Miguel, Martin, Moataz. Also, the goalkeepers' coach and now we are a strong team in terms of coaches, players, medical staff, administrative staff, and media staff in the team, and thus we are going on the right track and achieving what we want.

Baniyas coach stated out that today’s win is a result of a daily-hard work through the past days; we made a great effort to win today and finally, we played with a young team against a team that’s full of experienced players, but we won and we achieved what we wanted.