Baniyas beats Ittihad Kalba and reached 23 points in the league

Baniyas won in the last minutes against Ittihad Kalba with a score of two goals to one, in the match that brought the two teams together at Baniyas Stadium for the 19th round of the Arabian Gulf League fixtures.
Ittihad Kalba started the score from a penalty kick that was scored by Paniel Mlapa, after that, Baniyas equalized the score in the 52nd minute from a penalty kick that was scored by Richard Oliveira. In the 90 4 minute, Baniyas winner was scored by the substitute Mohamed Al Hammadi.
Baniyas raised their points to 23 points to be the 9th in the league, where Ittihad Kalba remained in the 11th position with 16 points.