Khaled Al-Hashimi: A big Derby game is expected, and the National Team is a player's dream.

Today was held the press conference for Baniyas match against Al Wahda for the 13th round of Arabian Gulf League, which will be held next Saturday, 16th January 2021 at Al Nahyan Stadium. The press conference attended by of coach Daniel Isaila and the player Khaled Al Hashimi.

The coach spoke that it is a difficult match against one of the best team in the league according to his personal opinion, as it is the last match in the first round of the tournament, so Al-Samawi seeks to come out with a result befitting what he achieved in the first part of the league.

Isaila added: "The club after a good period of achieving positive results despite the recent draw against Kalba in the Arabian Gulf Cup, but the team did well and presented a distinguished performance and the word is still decisive in the second leg, so we are optimistic about achieving a positive result in front of Al-Wahda."

Regarding the absence of the team, the coach confirmed the return of Hassan Al-Mahrami and Fahad Al-Dhanhani after joining the Emirati White Camp, as well as the absence of Nicolas Gimenez due to the accumulation of yellow cards, apart from that everyone is ready for this confrontation.

The coach added: "We respect the Al-Wahda team and analyzed the group well, but the most important thing is our work on the field, as he is the one who will determine the fate of the match, so we must focus throughout the match and give our best."

And about Baniyas not winning at Al Nahyan Stadium, the coach says we do not look at the past, we have to focus on the present and definitely that there is a first time for everything.

He added, "We had a good period of rest between the last team match and the next match, and this is a positive factor as it was sufficient time to prepare for the Al-Wahda match."

The player Khaled Al-Attas also spoke, who in turn confirmed that it is an important match, a derby, and we as players will strive to play this match and enjoy its course and come out with a positive result from Al Nahyan Stadium.

He also commented on the return of Hassan Al Mahrami and Fahad Al-Dhanhani to the ranks of Al-Samawi after joining the national team, who indicated that it is a pride for all of us to have someone to represent the team, as it is the dream of any player to wear a white shirt and represent the homeland.

At the end of his speech, he explained that Al-Wahda is a distinguished team and possesses high-level elements, and that Baniyas is completely ready for this meeting, so a big and enjoyable match awaits us.