Daniel Isaila: Ittihad Kalba is an organized team, and we will give everything we have to win and reach the next round.

The coach began talking about the match, where he explained: "We enter this match when we are coming from a tie on our stadium, and this will make us face only one option, which is winning and progressing with the result so that we can reach the next round."

Regarding the absence of the team, the coach confirmed that the team suffers from several absences, such as injuries to Joao Pedro, Khaled Al Attas and Ciel Samuel, but we have to find the appropriate combination for this match and win and qualify.

Speaking about the Ittihad Kalba team, he indicated that they are a very organized team and presented a good match in front of us to go in our stadium, which is not an easy team, but what matters is what we will present in the match and everything depends on our level in the match.

He added, "We are optimistic and have confidence that we can come out with victory from the Ittihad Kalba stadium, although we did not win any victory over them this season after we played two matches, but we are optimistic this time."

As for strengthening the team in the winter transfers, the coach stressed that there is no intention of contracting, but we are in discussion with the administration and we will see how we can support the team in the next phase.

After the end of the first round, and commenting on the most difficult match the team fought, the coach indicated that all the matches were difficult and there was no match within reach, but the Al-Nasr and Shabab Al-Ahly match posed a great difficulty for us, as well as the winning match against Sharjah despite the victory, but it was not an easy match.

The player Sasa also spoke about the match and explained that it is a difficult match against a stubborn opponent. We must prepare well and focus on this match to win and reach the semi-finals of this tournament.

Regarding the distinguished performance that Saca has provided with the team in recent weeks, he stressed that work and excellence is the work of the group completely and the implementation of the coach's directives, and this is the secret of the team's glory this season.

He added, "We do not forget, we are now only in the first round and we have a complete second round. This is why we must continue to work and focus to come out with a season befitting the level we offer in this season."

Sasha concluded: "We have ambition in this tournament to reach the final match. We know the difficulty of the task, but we are optimistic about achieving a positive result against a difficult team like Kalba, but we will give everything we have to reach the next round."