The Football Company in Baniyas Club holds a pre-season meeting

Yesterday Sunday evening, the football company in Baniyas Club held a pre-season meeting related to the affairs of the first football team, players and coaches in the academies and all football-related activities.

The members of the company's board of directors praised Fujairah camp, which achieved all hopes and aspirations, as it extended to thirteen days and witnessed a friendly match with Sharjah Club, which Al-Sanawi beat with a clean goal.

The football company decided to set up an internal camp for the first team in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, starting from today, Sunday, and continuing until August 5, 2021, for eleven days, in which a friendly match will be held with one of the local clubs, which will be announced later.

Finally, the members discussed the file of the fourth foreigner for first team and the options proposed by the technical committee, and they stressed that the quality of the player and the addition he will provide to the team is a priority and responsibility of everyone, and that the player will be signed and announced soon.