Ahmed Saeed: Performance and preparation are more important than friendly results

Within the framework of the preparatory camp for the first football team for the 2021/2022 season, Ahmed Saeed Al Marzouqi, board member of the football company and the official spokesperson for the company, stated about the team’s performance in the current camp in Abu Dhabi and the team’s previous levels in the Fujairah camp and group training.

He added that Al-Samawi's victory in his friendly matches is positive, but it is not measured. We undoubtedly want to continue to work, and we have distinguished players who are able to appear at the best levels and achieve ambitions and hopes.

Regarding coach Daniel Isila's work, he said that we are fortunate to have the Romanian coach, who was able to maintain the team's form and work system, and this is a promising factor that we are able to create a team capable of excellence in the upcoming benefits.

Finally, the official spokesperson for the company concluded his speech that we take into consideration the talents of Baniyas Club in the academy and that they are the best tributary to the first team in the coming years. in contemplation.