Baniyas U11 participates in Al Baraem Festival for the fiftieth year

Al-Samawi players under the age of 11 participated in the Al-Baraem Festival for the fiftieth year, which was organized and held in Dubai, specifically at Al-Ahly Youth Academy in Al-Awir, with the participation of many teams such as Sharjah, Al-Nasr, Hatta and Ajman, in addition to the host Shabab Al-Ahly Club.

Al-Samawi starred in the tournament in which he played in the first group, which included Shabab Al-Ahly, Hatta and Ajman, who announced his withdrawal from the competition, where Baniyas beat Hatta 3/1 and then tied with Shabab Al-Ahly 1/1 to lead the first group of the tournament.

Bani Yas played in the semi-finals with Al-Sharjah Club and beat it 3/1, then lost the final to Shabab Al-Ahly in the second confrontation of the two teams with a score of 3/0 to occupy Al-Samawi and Al-Baraem Championship.

It is also worth noting the brilliance of the player Ryan Ali, who got the tournament's top scorer after scoring for Al Samawi many crucial and important goals that helped the team reach the final and get the runner-up.