Isaila: This match is completely different from the league match.

Today was held the introductory press conference for the Baniyas match against Kalba for the quarter-finals of the President's Cup, which will be held at Ittihad Kalba Stadium. The press conference was attended by coach Daniel Isaila and player Salem Al Baloushi.

The coach spoke and explained that it is an important match for the team and for all the teams that qualified for the quarter-finals of this competition, so there will be great challenges between all teams.

He added, "We are fully prepared for this confrontation. We know that it is a completely different match from the previous match against Ittihad Kalba in the league championship, and it will be a difficult match for us."

He continued: "What made the last meeting easier for us was the early goal at the beginning of the match, as the course of the meeting changed dramatically, which may not happen in this confrontation, so we have to focus and give everything we have in this match."

While the coach indicated: "We hope to present the standard we have been accustomed to in the previous matches and to show the true identity of Baniyas in this meeting to ensure passage to the next round."

He talked about the problems that the team faced in the previous match, explaining: "In the previous match we had trouble choosing the list of players for the match, as we had many absences for various reasons, and even choosing the starting lineup for the match, but everyone showed responsibility and performed a distinguished performance, which contributed to the victory."

He added, "In this match as well, we will have some absences for different reasons, but we hope that everyone will be ready for this match in the next two days."

As for the Ittihad Kalba team, the coach made it clear that they are a very strong team, and the recent matches that they present to them specifically testify to their victory over Al-Wehda in the League Championship after they managed to turn the result and win the match. Therefore, we expect a completely different confrontation from the league match, and it will be a difficult match.

Speaking about the goals of Baniyas in the cup championship, the coach indicated that in football everything is possible, we just have to believe in our abilities and give everything we have to reach the farthest point in this tournament.”

The player Salem Al Baloushi also spoke, who made it clear that the team is fully prepared for this confrontation and we will enter the match with a high concentration to win.

He added, "This match is different from the previous match in the league, as it is a cup match and has its own calculations.

He also thanked the coach for giving him confidence and giving him the minutes to participate, and confirmed that he is ready and at the coach's signal at any time.

Al Baloushi concluded by sending a message to Al-Samawi fans: "We hope the fans will be behind the team on Sunday. We know that the distance is far, but the presence of the fans is the first and real motive to motivate the players and cross to the next round."