Fawaz Awana back to AlSamawi

Bani Yas club announces the return of player Fawaz Awana to the AlSamawi House again after the end of his loan period in the ranks of Al Wahda Club Fawaz Awana participated with the unit in the Asian Champions League championship where he represented the country the best representation and played in the return and return match unity in front of his brother Al Nasr club, in which he lost a total of meetings with a score of four goals against three Fawaz returned home and will participate with his colleagues in the upcoming training where the player represents his main pillar in the first team football, and joining the ranks of al-Wahda club during the Asian championship is the best proof of the player's excellence Finally, Bani Yas Club confirms that it is ready and always happy to provide everything that is in the interest of UAE football and sports in the future.