Gomes: It will be a strong match against Al Wasl


In the press confernce before the match of Baniyas against Al Wasl for the 7th round of Arabian Gulf League which was attended by the coach Mr. Jose Gomes and the Captain Yousef Jaber in the presence of local media and newspapers the coach described it is a very difficult match between the top of the table and the bottom one, however we will try to show and strong points and to get out with a positive result.

Mr. Gomes talked about the strength points of Al Wasl team as they have a  strong attack which is made them at the top of the table, also the have great players especially in the forward line but Baniyas players study all those points and will try to prevent them from scoring.

And about the absences of the team the coach confirmed that Abdulsalam Mohammed and Ahmed Dada will not be ready for this match as they are travelling outside the country for treatment and there situation is being improving. Other than that all the players are ready and the return of Milligan and Ahmed Dida from their national teams.

The coach contend his players to implement his plan carefully as if able to do so he is sure that they can be a strong opponent against any team.

Mr. Gomes described that he is building a good image for the team but also he will not be happy if the team did not win because the professionalism if football require you to achieve positive results and collect points.

The player Yousef Jaber also talked about this match as it will be a diffuclt match but they players are being prepared in a good way for this match and will try to do their best to come up with a first victory in the league.

Yousef emphasize that the players should focusing during all the match and apply all the technical way of the coach all those will help to get positive result.

And the difference between the starting players and reserve players Yousef occur the only difference is the desire and the ability is not primarily that when any desire which make you fit enough to be an important player in the team.


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