Gomes: we didn’t deserve this defeat


In the press conference after the match between Al Wasl and Baniyas for the 7th round of Arabian Gulf League which was ended by victory for Al Wasl wit result of 4-0, Baniyas coach Jose Gomes expressed his dissatisfaction of the result by saying the team made a good match and totally we didn’t deserve this tuff result.

Gomes described that at the moment the players deserve to get a positive result after this performance until they get the confidence which is necessary because they are working very hard and I think we did not deserve to lose in the first half, so we made the work of organizing the defensive so good that we managed to carry out making some of the attacks on Al Wasl team we made a good job and this is what we need in the coming days and we hope to get support of luck in the coming days to record good results.

He said when you look at the table we go back to the reality which is that Baniyas does not have just one point so we must get out of the bottom of the table and achieve victories and for this we have to correct things by working hard in training and give everything we have.

Gomes added “The players are working in all what they have said and I, too, am sure those who were around the club they deserve to see their team in the best place on the table, but this I’m here because to develop players in the future, you need confidence in order to present the best of what you have”.

Gomez concluded that we must forget about the past results and get out of this predicament, where we provide a good match, but we are losing in the end is why we should cooperate with each other as a family to become the team spirit best and be professional, even in their personal lives and we as a technical body joined a new team trust in this group.


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