Gomes: Emirates match worth six points


At the press conference which was held today Wednesday 14th December before the match of Baniyas against Emirates for the 12th round of Arabian Gulf League which will be talk place at Emirates Club Stadium next Friday 16th December in the presence of Mr. Jose Gomes and the Brazilian player Filipe Bastos with the attendance of local media and newspaper. Gomez said that the match is important and will not be easy at all, especially the two teams are going through similar circumstances where they are looking to get three points, and certainly in such kind of matches for two teams that are close in the table of ranking they are considered as six points match.

And about Emirates Team Gomes commented that the table does not reflect the performance of Emirates or even Baniyas because both teams provide great performances, but they do not succeed by getting the match points. And for Baniyas players they are doing a distinct levels in the daily training sessions and this is what we would like to see in the match.

Gomes said we all know that Baniyas suffered enough, whether players or administrative and technical staffs and even the club’s management and fans and now they deserve to the three points of this match that will motivate the team to get out of this difficult situation.

And for team absences against Emirates the coach has talked that there is a doubts about the participation of both Australian Mark Milligan and young Hassan Muharrami to the presence for the injury and that their participation will be decided before the match. As for the other absences shall continue absence of Abdul Salam, who recently returned from a treatment trip, which lasted more than a month and but he did not train so far with team also the continued absence of Ahmed Dada who seek treatment also outside the country.

And for the solutions that could compensate for the absence of Milligan and Muharrami Gomes stressed that the team has many names may still be involved in the center back defense, but we’ll see in the next few days, the possibility of participation of both players.

Gomes concluded by demanding his players to fight in the pitch and show all their possibilities to overcome the current situation and get out of Friday’s match with a victory for the team.DSC_1545

As well as the Brazilian Bastos also attended the press conference, who described the match as a very important match for the team that need to win to get out of the cycle of poor results and get a better position in the table of ranking.

Bastos said that the game will largely determine the future of the team. “Such games are classified as six points match as the coach said for this we intend to get the full points to get out of the bottom of the table” he said.

As for the difference in the performance of Bastos of Baniyas for Bastos of Al Ain, Bastos said you cannot compare because both teams have different circumstances and comparison is not valid. “We should stand together and work as one team to overcome this situation” he said.

Bastos believes that the reason for the deterioration of the team results in the league this season, is the incorrect beginning for the team at the beginning of the season.

Bastos added “the team lose focus whenever they receives a goal and we should not lose focus and concentrate until the end of the match.

Bastos finished his speech that he accepts all the criticism of him and say that this is normal thing in football and especially the foreign players which they are vulnerable to criticism more than others because they come from big clubs and they count them.