Baniyas stopped the league leader


In the first match of the second round Baniyas played against Al Ain at Baniyas Stadium today Saturday 14th January which was ended by a draw with 1-1.

Al Ain entered the match aiming to continue their leader to the league but they face a strong opponent although Baniyas are missing important players in the defensive line but the players showed a great performance by facing Al Ain strong attack.

Al Ain scored by Omar Abdulrahman at the 10th minute by a free kick which gave the leading to Al Ain in which all believes that the match is going to Al Ain side. However Gomes players made amazing performance and created a lot of opportunities to score and there was a clear penalty for Baniyas the referee didn’t whistle it.

Baniyas didn’t lose the hope and continued trying to come back in the match in which they scored the equalizing goal by the new player Harry Novillo at the 70th minutes after a great effort from Suhail Al Noubi.

Baniyas didn’t stop and continued by attacking to get the leading and they got an easy opportunity before the end of the match in which Amer Omar couldn’t translate it to a goal to end the match with a draw of 1-1.

This draw will give high confidence for Baniyas players and fans to continue the second round with a better performance.


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