Baniyas couldn’t comeback against Dibba


For the 15th round of Arabian Gulf league in the match played at Fujairah Stadium today Saturday 21st January, Baniyas lost with Dibba by result of 4-3 after a big match between the two team.

Dibba scored first and very quickly at the 4th minutes by the played Derley to give the leading for Dibba, directly after few minutes Bruno scored the second goal for Dibba at the 11th minutes. Baniyas made a quick reaction and minimize the difference by the player Harry Novillo at the 15th minutes. Dibba got a penalty kick succesfully translated to a goal by the player Edres at the 19th minutes to make the result 3-1 to end the first half with leading of Dibba.

In the second half Baniyas tried to comeback but in the begging of the second half Dibba scored the fourth goal by the player Derley at the 49th minutes. The new striker  of Baniyas Jean Mendy minimize the difference by scoring the second goal for his team at 68th minutes. The same player got a penalty kick which was successfully translated to a goal by Mark Milligan at the 69th minutes. Baniyas stepped up the attack to comeback in the match but they couldnt to lose the match with the result of 4-3.


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