Abdul Wahab: Against leaders you have to be ready mentally and physically


Held today Wednesday, February 8, 2017 press conference presentation to match Baniyas against Al Jazira for the 18th of Arabian Gulf League, which will be held next Friday in the Baniyas Stadium, the coach Abdul Wahab Abdul Qadir and the player Mubarak Al Mansouri attend the press conference in the presence of the local press. Abdul Wahab Abdul Qader spoke about the difficult confrontation for his team against the league leaders.

Abdul Wahab confirmed that when he met with the leaders you have to be ready mentally and physically because Al Jazira is a strong team with strong qualities and he could threaten the goal of any team. They have a strong central midfields which relay a lot on the high pressure, but each team has strong points and weakness which we will try to exploit.

Abdulwahab also stressed that high confidence in all the players and they are able to come up with a positive result in front of Al Jazira, especially as the team has high morale somewhat after the victory over Hatta in the last round.

He pointed Abdulwahab that there are doubts about the participation of all of the Harry Novillo, who suffered a sprained ankle in the training session yesterday evening in addition to the Hassan Al Muharrami and Yousef Hzam who took part in the training session since two days only, Hentiy also who is suffering from an injury, but in the next few days will become clearer about their participation in the match.

He said Abdulwahab since we came to the team as we focus on the defensive line, we must concentrate mentally strong attack against Al Jazira. As once again he confirmed that the defense is the responsibility of the group as a whole must be on the team in case of loss of the ball reversing the performance of defensive tasks.

And about the first round match in the first league against Al Jazira and defeat the team with five clean goals, Abdulwahab occur that every game has different circumstances, but there are things that have changed in the team from the first round and wishes to see the opposite result against Al Jazira.

As well as the player Mubarak Al Mansouri, who played the last match, spoke that the team gained a morale after beating Hatta in the last round, a thing that might make the team appears in good form in front of the leaders.

Mansouri also stressed that playing against leaders give incentive for everyone to show their best and do their best and to win the three points in our field with our fans.

Al Mansouri stressed that the players are doing their best in training session to take a place in the upcoming league matches which it will be for us like finals matches.

Mansouri ended Al Jazira match will be 11 men against 11 men and will forget the position of the table of ranking for both teams.


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