Abdul Wahab: We got our aim against Al Dhafra


Baniyas coach Mr. Abdul Wahab Abdul Qadir talked at the press conference, after the match, which ended in victory for his team against Al Dhafra in score of one goal for nothing in the match between held at Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan Stadium today Thursday where he described his team got the goal by getting out from the match with three points.

Abdul Wahab described that game were not easy, especially Al Dhafra significant strong team and they are making a great season and is seeking an advanced position. “We tried to form a pressure since the beginning of the game and to score to give us the kind of confidence and that is what happened, where we have tried throughout minutes match, keep score and come up three points even though we did not get into the game high concentration and this is what the cause of pressure on us in the first half.”

He completed “in the second half we tried to close the spaces in addition to support for the offensive players to the defensive line, making Al Dhafra depends on long balls addressed by the line of defense, led by Youssef Jaber and Ali Al Amri.

And also he pointed out Baniyas lost many easy balls and made some mistakes but we will try through next stop of the league working to develop a more technical level of the players.

He completed ” We will give the team a rest for two days after which we will try to take advantage of stop of the league through the development of the physical fitness of the players level through the exercises morning and evening, as well as to dictate the duties of the players and that will be the evolution of the technical level of the team where he awaits us strong games after a stop against Al Wasl and Al Jazira.

Finished “Everyone knows how Baniyas need of points at this period of the season where the team is fighting for every point to get out of the bottom of the table and stay in the Arabian Gulf League”


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